This website is entirely dedicated to Behavioural Finance, from its theory and practice to a great number of resources and related events. It gathers the main results issued from several years of scientific research as well as the most recent innovations and applications in the field of finance. You will have the opportunity to discover the fascinating field of Behavioural Finance, understand its role and importance in the world of finance, and learn about its recent findings and developments.

THIS WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION: You will find here the indexes of the main topics that will be discussed, their contents will be updated soon

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Discover all the theoretical background in the realm of Behavioural Finance, from its principles to the specificities of human behaviour. Three different sets of topics compose this section. The first group introduces the characteristics of behavioural finance, the concept of risk, and behavioural finance models. It provides an explanation of the essentials of behavioural finance. The second part deals with the disciplines that contribute to the domain of behavioural finance. It presents the specificities of disciplines such as neuroscience, psychology, and sociology and their contribution to finance. The last group includes the sphere of decisions and its sub-fields, such as perception, cognition, affects, and the context. It exposes the complexity of decision-making processes and those factors affecting human behaviour.







Find out about the applications of behavioural finance in both micro and macroeconomics. That is, how the theoretical background and behavioural aspects discussed above apply in wealth management, financial service design, policy, firms, and the like. This section provides an overview on how the research issued from a variegated number of domains converge all together in the world finance to help professionals and firms to improve existing and develop new services.